Saving Money All Year Round!

Blown Attic Insulation

During the winter months, the furnace or boiler circulates heat throughout the home. Heat will naturally rise to the top of the home, but unless you have a thick barrier of insulation protection, that heat could escape through the attic. This will cause the furnace to cycle for longer periods of time and will consequently cause the system to use more energy. The more energy your furnace uses, the higher your utility bills will be every month. Having Four Seasons add blown-in fibreglass to your attic will prevent unnecessarily high heating costs.

During the summer months, a poorly insulated attic will allow large amounts of hot outside air to leak into the home. The air conditioning system must compensate for this extra heat and will, therefore, consume more energy and cost more to operate. Adding a fresh layer of blown-in fibreglass will help your home hold in more cold air with each cycle of the air conditioner. This will increase your comfort and reduce your cooling costs.

Start saving on your energy bills with this affordable service!