Attic Insulation will Save Your Money

Saving Money All Year Round!

Blown Attic Insulation

Poorly insulated houses can use up to 30% of their heat through the attic. Heat will rise to the top of your home, but if you have a thick barrier of insulation in your attic this percentage will reduce greatly.

Loft roll can be used to prevent heat escaping your home. This material is made with molten rock and is usually referred to as Rock Wool. Rock Wool is completely permeable and doesn’t absorb water and moisture.

Insulating your attic with sprayfoam is another simple process and we can usually have the job done within a day, with minimal mess and disturbance to you and your family.

We also do open cell insulation in attics and ensure it is of the best quality by Vent Carding, which is used to allow air movement behind the insulation. When insulating a roof or attic our main objective is to insulate the entire area, while giving the wooden timbers within the roof space the ability to breathe. Vent carding allows the moist air to pass through the house and out into the external environment. By making a small 50mm gap between the external materials and the vent carding, we prevent any condensation that may form on the underside of the roof from getting into your attic space. Vent carding also prevents the sprayfoam from having any negative effects on the roofing material, battens or felt membrane. Vent carding also provides a firm base for the sprayfoam to connect onto.

Once the vent carding has been successfully installed by our expert team, sprayfoam is then applied to give your attic an airtight seal, preventing any heat from escaping and thus, reducing your heating and energy bills!

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