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Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery – MHR

The Vents VUT air handling units are made to create a healthy indoor environment and ensure efficient energy saving.  Products are designed and produced in conformance with the highest European specifications.  The products are CE Certified and are SAP Index Q Rated.


Units efficiently clean the air from the particulates, allergens and dust which also reduces the risk of mould growth, while maintaining a healthy indoor environment.


Reduces heating expenses and has low running costs.  Due to efficient heat exchanges which recover up to 90% of exhaust air to warm up the supplied air, the heating expenses are reduced.  The special control systems ensure you can achieve optimum settings which contribute to saving energy.


Made of high quality polymer coated steel sandwich.  Internally insulated for sound and insulation.


Supply and exhaust airflows are purified through panel filters with filtering Class G4.  A replaceable filter with filtering Class F7 option is available.


Counter Flow Polystyrene heat exchangers with high heat recovery efficiency.  The drain pan under the heat exchanger block ensures condensate removal.  In case of freezing danger determined by the temperature sensor, the supply fan is turned off for the period required for the heat exchanger defrosting.