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Metac Sloped Ceilings

Ecospec offers one of the safest options for insulating Pitched Roofs both in New Build and Renovation. Metac is a high-performance mineral wool insulation ‘slab on a roll’ which when used with our Vario Airtightness and Moisture Control System offers one of the safest, thermal and acoustic performing systems on the market. The Ecospec Pitched Roof Solution offers:

High Performance thermal insulation 0.034W/mK

Excellent Acoustic Performance

A1 Fire rating – highest rating on the market

No slump during installation and life of the system

Friction fits in rafters eliminating any air gaps

Vario XtraSafe membrane ‘apply and release function’ for quick installation

Vapour permeable insulation for maximum protection from moisture and condensation issues

Metac Insulation can be full filled when used with our Vario system*

Excellent Indoor Air Quality – Eurofins Gold Comfort

Made from Recycled materials – up to 86% recycled glass

G3 Touch technology, great performance, gentle to use, good for the environment.

Ecospec complies with BS 5250:2011 Code of practice for control of condensation in buildings & ICP 2:2002 Irish Standard for Tiled and Slated Roof Constructions. These are the industry standards to ensure the building fabric is protected from moisture and condensation damage by ensuring adequate vapour control and ventilation measures are installed.