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Mineral wool insulation is used in a wide range of settings that harness its remarkable thermal, acoustic and fire protection properties. Mineral wool insulates new and existing buildings of all types – be they residential, commercial or public. And a wide variety of mineral wool applications have been developed to meet the specific needs of industry.

Substantial cost savings result from investing in insulation. Common energy efficient household applications include the insulation of lofts, cavity walls, internal and external walls, flat roofs and heating systems. Common industrial applications include: large diameter pipe insulation; insulation of tanks and vessels; insulation for boilers and turbines; and critical marine and offshore installations including fire and acoustic insulation in ships and oil rigs.

Keeping heat out and maintaining low temperatures is just as vital a performance requirement as heat retention. Many industrial processes can only be carried out in controlled cold environments and generating such low temperatures is even more costly than producing heat. Insulation is used to reduce energy demand by providing a very effective thermal barrier.

Insulating air-conditioned office and commercial environments is increasingly valued within Europe. The demand for thermal insulation which maintains low temperatures has been perhaps the single most important driving force behind the continuing innovation of mineral wool products. Building materials using glass and stone wool insulation consistently prove to be the most cost-effective solution.