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Attic Insulation

Attic insulation is the most cost-effective energy saving investment you can make with quick payback and affords consistent energy savings making your home warm and comfortable. Attic insulation is recognised under the Better Energy Homes grant scheme allowing the consumer to avail of a grant toward the costs of installation.

Fit For Purpose

Ecospec recommends you install attic insulation in the ceiling spaces of bungalows and two-storey dwellings. It can also be installed successfully in floor joists and stud work. We, however, do not recommend installation of mineral wool in sloping roof spaces as encountered in dormers and story and a half dwellings as there are more efficient materials for these scenarios Such as Sprayfoam Insulation.

The Process in Action

Ecospec will send out a technical representative to assess your insulation needs. Once this information is obtained we will quote you a price for upgrading your insulation to the optimum level. The works will be carried out in accordance with the most current building regulations.

Benefits of Attic Insulation

– Reduce Heat loss in your home up to a further 30%

– Save up to 30% on your home heating Bills

– Reduce the level of unwanted noise

– Reduce your Carbon Footprint.

– Help Protect against freezing pipe work in the Winter.

– Create an even temperature throughout your home.

– Create a habitable area within your attic