Lapolla industries are a reliable partner and manufacturer of sprayfoam systems.  Ecospec promote and install better building solutions using products like foamlok 500. Solutions that are achieved through application of sprayfoam insulation systems that contributes to a healthier environment, reduction of energy consumption and sustainable buildings.

What are the components of open cell sprayfoam? All sprayfoam insulation products are comprised of two components, an A and B COMPONENT. The A component is Isocyanate which is the same used by suppliers of sprayfoam worldwide. The B component is the “cookie dough” a specialised formulation which allow foams define their own unique properties. It is through to say that a lot of foams are water blown which reduces harmful chemicals in the atmosphere.

The reason open cell foam is more popular in Ireland today is due to the fact it is readily affordable, eliminates draughts and reduces heating costs with immediate effect.


All open cell sprayfoam can be sprayed directly onto a breathable membrane where the roof is counter battened. There is zero risk with this application.

Where a roof has only a single layer of battens a breather card should be used to create a void between the breather membrane and the foam. The reasoning for this is that on application of the foam if the breathable felt is loose the foam may push the membrane up tight to the slate or tile causing a condensation point and also risk of pooling which may defect the timber battens.


Where people acquire our sprayfoam services we provide an array of technical services which ensure a quality project is delivered. Any customer carrying out a New Build can have us accurately determine U Value calculations and carry out condensation risk analysis on the build and advise accordingly.