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Demand Controlled Ventilation

Ecospec now provide in partnership with Aereco the specialists in Demand Control Ventilation. It is commonly accepted that most water distribution facilities work on demand, so why should it be different for air distribution, with each cubic metre of fresh air to warm during the heating season having a significant economic and environmental cost?

The concept of demand controlled ventilation rests on the principle of providing occupants with the right amount of fresh air, when they need it, and where this is useful. With intelligent airflow management, energy savings are made on every occasion that the need for ventilation is low or null, which can represent more than half the time. Conversely, an activity which emits indoor air pollution such as food preparation in a kitchen, a shower, or even the release of odorous metabolic compounds, generates a need for a greater airflow to remove the pollution quickly.

At every moment, demand controlled ventilation offers an optimisation of heating consumption and indoor air quality, on a fully automated basis. Every Aereco system is designed on this concept, which beyond being particularly effective for the comfort of the occupant, has many other benefits for the working of the ventilation system.