The U-value of Korefill is only limited by the width of the cavity. A 110mm cavity built with 2000kg blocks will achieve a U-value of 0.27 W/m²K while a 150mm cavity will achieve 0.20W/m²K.


The Korefill bead is suitable for application in new and existing buildings. Thirty five percent of heat loss in a building is through the walls. Where Korefill is installed homeowners will benefit from a home that is easier to heat and retain while at the same time reducing the volume of heating fuel required.


The installation of Korefill does not hinder the function of the cavity. The natural matrix formed by the bead means that moisture that penetrates the outer leaf will not travel through the cavity to the inner leaf. The water by natural gravity will flow to the weep holes at the bottom of the cavity. The honey comb structure or the glued bead allows the cavity to breath naturally.


The Korefill System is rot-proof, water repellent, and durable and will not degrade over time. It will not prejudice the fire resistance properties of the wall. Once installed properly the Korefill System will perform consistently for the life of the building.


Korefill is only installed by fully trained and accredited installers. As a client you will not have to handle the product in any way. There is no site storage or waste facilities required and the installers bring their own specialized machinery and equipment. The installation process will take no more than a day (weather permitting).